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Tigrayans are facing mass starvation that is man-made


Million Children need urgent life-saving humanitarian aid


Tigrayan Refugees fled Sudan to escape massacre and daily bombardment


Civilians have been killed


In November 2020 in a struggle over autonomy, Abiy Ahmed declared war on the Tigray region of Ethiopia claiming retaliation for an unverified attack.  The Tigrian people have been caught in the middle of this bloody conflict for months after having endured a devastating year in which the region faced challenges due to COVID-19, massive flooding and a locust outbreak that destroyed crops.  As a result of a communications blackout, much of the international community is unaware of the atrocities and hardships that continue to face this region.

Here are some of the key concerns:

  • Abiy Ahmed’s has claimed that the war is over and no one was killed in the war despite observers reporting over 60,000 deaths
  • 5 million people are in urgent need of assistance
  • Genocide and ethnic cleansing has been waged on the Tigrian people including those living outside the region
  • Over 2 million people have been displaced
  • Numerous reports of looting and human rights abuses including sexual assault and attacks on refugee camps
  • In December, UNICEF reported that approximately 2.3 million children have been cut off from humanitarian assistance.


Our mission is to be a voice to voiceless people of Tigray. We aim to support Tigrayan communities in the United States and around the world affected by the ongoing conflict in Tigray region, Ethiopia; to help Tigrayan refugees reconnect with their relatives and loved ones; to raise awareness among international communities about the sufferings and hardships ethinc Tigrayans have been enduring since Nov 4th 2020 using social media and other platforms; to expose human rights violations committed against Tigrayan people in Ethiopia; to become voices of civilian victims (i.e. raped women and young girls, displaced farmers, unaccompanied children, and others) of the Tigray War.


#StopWarOnTigray         #TigrayGenocide         #StandwithTigray


Our analysis showed that the majority of content produced by the #StandWithTigray campaign is digital activism, which seeks to raise international awareness about the conflict.

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Ethiopia Calls U.S. Claims of Ethnic Cleansing ‘Spurious’

November 23, 2020|Bloomberg

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s allegations of ethnic cleansing in Ethiopia’s Tigray region are “unfounded and spurious,” the African nation’s foreign ministry said, while welcoming calls for a probe into any human rights violations in the northern province.

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Ethiopia Conflict: Crisis Persists as Troops Seize Control (Video)

November 23, 2020|Bloomberg

Ethiopia’s government said its troops have seized control of most of Tigray from dissident regional leaders on Monday, as humanitarian groups express “extreme concern”. Marc Daniel Davies explains. (Source: Bloomberg)

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