About Us

Who we are

StandWithTigray is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded in November 2020 in response to the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments’ ongoing campaign of committing war crimes and human rights violations in Ethiopia’s northern region Tigray. SWT is a global movement fighting to end #TigrayGenocide and provide support to Tigrayans who have been affected by the ongoing atrocities including siege, telecommunication blackout and man-made famine.

Our organization makes it easy for anyone to join the fight to end Tigray Genocide by learning about the humanitarian crisis and getting involved in our advocacy and fundraising campaigns.

Mission statement

Our mission is to raise global awareness about the ongoing atrocities Tigrayans are facing and deliver support to those in need.

SWT In the news

“Our analysis showed that the majority of content produced by the #StandWithTigray campaign is digital activism, which seeks to raise international awareness about the conflict.”  – The Washington Post

Tufts Observer

"Stand With Tigray, a global campaign that aims to support Tigrayans and help others learn about the humanitarian crisis and take action."

Voa News

"Stand With Tigray is one of the most prominent pro-Tigrayan groups. It has more than 36,000 followers on Twitter and 14,478 followers on Facebook."


"Stand With Tigray (SWT), an anti-government website set up to oppose the conflict in the region. The site, which was founded two days after Abiy launched his offensive in Tigray by Ethiopian expatriates, is not accessible from within Ethiopia. According to the team running SWT, the website was blocked on February 25, 2021 and has registered zero visitors from Ethiopia since then."

Our Demands

  1. We Demand the unconditional cessation of hostilities and for the immediate withdrawal of the Ethiopian and Eritrean armies and the Amhara militia from Tigray.
  2. Open humanitarian corridors, and under the leadership of the U.N, provide emergency aid workers unfettered access to the millions of Tigrayans in need of emergency assistance.
  3. Restore all forms of communication in Tigray including the Internet, phone lines, air, and land transport.
  4. We demand the international Community to stop mass detentions of Tirayans in Addis Ababa and other parts of Ethiopia.
  5.  We Demand a United Nations Security Council resolution to establish a UN-led investigation into all atrocities and violations of international law, especially war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide against the people of Tigray.