What is Happening

On November 4th, 2020 Abiy Ahmed, the unelected Prime Minister of Ethiopia declared War on the Tigray regional state’s government and the people of Tigray. At the same time, he shut all forms of telecommunication and internet access in the entire region. In fact, Abiy Ahmed announced on his state-owned media that he would Air Strike Tigray. When he made this dangerous statement, the international community’s silence was deafening and still continues to be. Abiy Ahmed is not orchestrating this civil war alone. He has enlisted armed support of the Amhara Special Forces, local militias and the Fano-young vigilante group of Amhara state. In addition, he partnered with an old foe of Ethiopia Isaias Afeworki, the president of Eritrea. These two leaders have found a common enemy, the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF). In reality, their actual enemy is the people of Tigray.

Eritrea’s involvement in this war has been a full-scale war on Tigray Regional State and its people. On the one hand, Isaias Afeworki is providing almost his entire military divisions on the ground. On the other hand, the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) drones have been responsible for launching aerial strikes and bombardment on infrastructures and civilians.

As a result of this armed conflict, many Tigrians were subject to ethnic profiling and even worse those who lived outside of the Tigray region, all of a sudden faced unlawful confiscation of assets and illegal searches of their homes, and at risk of being jailed for baseless accusations. Their only crime is being Tigrian.

Here we are months later, the senseless war still continues despite Abiy Ahmed’s propaganda that the war is over and no one was killed in the war. In fact, as a result of the war, it is estimated thousands have died and more than 60 thousand Tigrians have fled to neighboring country Sudan in fear of their lives and trying to escape bombardment and shells coming from Eritrea as well as from Abiy’s forces. Not only were these refugees escaping federal Ethiopian and Eritrean military forces but they were also trying to escape from ethnically motivated violence from the Fano-young vigilante group of Amhara state sponsored by the Ethiopian federal troops. This war has rapidly escalated from a conventional war to a form of ethnic cleansing of the Tigrian people. The Eritrean Forces have looted Factories, businesses, schools, hospitals, and houses and wounded civilians have been left to die without medicine or anyone to care for them. The ongoing communication and internet blackout are still in effect and there is a massive shortage of food, water, electricity, and money. Currently, it is estimated that more than one million people in Tigray are internally displaced. 2.3 million children and 4.5 million Tigrayans in dire need of humanitarian assistance are facing man-made mass starvation. Millions facing mass starvation. 50,000+ civilians have been killed.

In addition, both the Eritrean forces as well as the Ethiopian forces are committing gender-based violence as they are targeting males and assaulting women and girls. As a result, many women and young girls are raped and thousands of Tigrians have reportedly been killed mercilessly just for being Tigrian. The total death toll and casualty is still unknown because of the ongoing communication and internet blockage by the Ethiopian federal government.